...intuitive, interesting, smart, and completely authentic. But perhaps Einars best assets are
genuinely charming personality and his abundant sense

BETH BAUR, Director.
Lips Together, Teeth Apart.

BROADWAY: Ensemble of A Man for All Seasons, with Frank Langella. Directed by
Doug Hughes (Roundabout).


OTHER NYC THEATER: Howard in Boy Gets Girl  (The Seeing Place); Westcott in The Man Who Came to Dinner (Peccadillo Theater Company); Governor Davis in Stand Fast (Barrow Street Productions);  Dr. Weitzner in We Call Her Benny (John Montgomery Theater Company); Uncle Murray in Moonchildren (Attic Theater Company); Preston in the World Premiere of Private Disclosures.


REGIONAL THEATER: Martelleau in Tovarich, Marshall in The Little Foxes, and Basque in The Misanthrope (Shakespeare Theatre of NJ); John in Lips Together, Teeth Apart (4th Wall Theatre); Sidney in Where’s My Money? (Rising Curtain); John in Baby with the Bathwater (Black Box Productions); George in The Actor’s Nightmare (NJSDA).


FILM/TV: Co-star on NBC’s Law & Order: SVU, The Blacklist, The Mysteries of Laura and The Michael J. Fox Show; regular on the award-winning Internet hit series Pioneer One; co-star on History Channel’s The Men Who Built America; plus several independent features and short films.


TRAINING: Patrick Page Studio, ESPA (Primary Stages); William Esper Studio, with Bill Esper; Atlantic Acting School; The Barrow Group; Upright Citizens Brigade; New Jersey School of Dramatic Arts.


“Einar Gunn’s performance as Preston was particularly noteworthy... Preston morphs from a detestable and deceitful human being into an introspective and wounded individual...and Gunn’s emotional breakdown...is heart-wrenching to watch.”

Theresa Perkins. My Entertainment World on Private Disclosures.

“Einar Gunn gives a non-stop bravura performance...”

Joe Reagan, Jr. Theater Pizzazz! on Private Disclosures.


“...but watching you for the past couple of rehearsals has been jaw-dropping...you have absolutely nailed the raw emotional side of Sidney...”

Ted Wrigley, Director. Where’s My Money?


“Einar’s performance sets a mark so high that the whole production gets to rise to another level.”

Bracey Smith, Director. Pioneer One.


“Einar’s characterization of our Governor is the perfect blend of honesty and absurdity – his focused work in rehearsals really found the human being in the character we were looking for.”

Michael Page, Director. Stand Fast.


“...brought a gentle strength and spellbinding depth to the character. Gunn’s haunting performance...was undeniably the most riveting in the entire piece.”

Chelsea Landon, Director. Two Detectives.

“Einar Gunn was also top-notch...”

Hannah Marie Ellison, Blogcritics Magazine, on Two Detectives.


“...a smart, subtle, passionate and provocative actor...an absolute pleasure to work with and to watch. A real pro.”

Suzanne Bachner, Writer/Director. We Call Her Benny.


“The actors are great. The show is terrific.”

Duncan Pflaster, broadwayworld.com, on We Call Her Benny.


“Your Marshall kicks off the event with the grandeur, drama,
and dry humor that just sets the world up just right for its dreadful decline.”

Matthew Arbour, Director. The Little Foxes.

“...I want to thank you for your spectacular work...”

Bonnie J. Monte, Artistic Director, The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey. The Little Foxes.

“Einar Gunn as William Marshall does a convincing turn...”

Liz Keill. The Independent Press, on The Little Foxes.

“...and Einar Gunn each lend solid support.”

Bob Rendell. Talkin Broadway, on The Little Foxes.


“...intuitive, interesting, smart and completely authentic.
But perhaps Einar’s best assets are his genuinely charming personality and his abundant humor.”

Beth Baur, Director. A Chance Meeting and Lips Together, Teeth Apart.

“...Gunn strikes just the right note...”

Ruth Ross, Essex Journal, on Lips Together, Teeth Apart.


“...a director's delight! Smart. Thoughtful. Able to adjust to notes instantly...one terrific actor!”

Bob Sapoff, Director. The Actor’s Nightmare.


“...it was difficult to know where the character stopped and the man began...one of the most professional actors I've been privileged to work with.”

Brian Neuls, Writer/Director. Singularity.


“...truly disciplined and talented actor who created a difficult role with grace...walks the boards with authority and ease...”

Dan Pfau, Writer/Director. Behold, the Bowery!


“Einar Gunn is sharp as the villainous Dead Horse.”

David A. Rosenberg, backstage.com, on Behold, the Bowery!



“...a no nonsense actor that comes to work prepared and ready. He approaches text with realism and integrity...”

Jesse Ash, Writer/Director. Cardiac Arrest.


“The crowd knew they were in for a great show from the start as the cast sang a remarkable rendition of Let There Be, led by Einar Gunn as Father.”

Orlando Callegari, Jr., BloomfieldPatch.com on Children of Eden.



LEGIT (Clips from Reel)


GRILLGOÐINN (Icelandic w/English subtitles)



PIONEER ONE (Award-winning web series)


THE FIRST DAY (Short film)











Avalon Artists Group/East

(212) 868 3200



Bernadette McBrinn

Craig Holzberg









(973) 207 3132


NY 01/30/2017 – Crack open a Broadway show PLAYBILL and you'll find that every cast member of that show has been on one, if not all, of the LAW & ORDER shows. It's like a rite of passage for New York actors. Well, now I've been inducted into that fine group with my co-star debut on LAW & ORDER: SVU, now in its 18th season. Look for me on NBC, on a Wednesday night in March. Episode 16 "Net Worth".


Mariska Hargitay (Benson), me (Anthony) and Ice-T (Fin) goofing off between takes.

*Thursday 11/6/206, 10:00PM EST


NY 09/08/2016 – Tonight I worked on yet another co-star role for NBC: The Blacklist. Episode 403. Not allowed to give anything away but you'll get to see it on your TV screen Thursday, October 6th, at 10:00pm EST. (I believe.) This is the third time NBC gives me the nod to be cast, the first two being The Michael J. Fox Show and The Mysteries of Laura.

NJ 09/08/2016 – Because I'm young and inexperienced I entered my very first feature-length screenplay in the Austin Film Festival.

Oh, the audacity of ignorance.

And, of course, it was all for naught.

I just received a note from them saying: " ...your script advanced to the Second Round in the Drama category! It did not advance to the Semifinalist Round but, keep in mind, your placement represents a distinction only achieved by about 15% of this year’s submissions."

Really? That was the best I could do? Out of a total 9,000+ submissions.

I may as well give up... (I'm kidding.)

I KNOW, THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MY ACTING... (I want to toot this horn nevertheless.)